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Pointing slabs


Patios & paving supplies do not offer a patio laying or garden design service and do not employ staff who are professionally qualified to give advice in these areas. However, as manufacturers of products used in these areas, we are given tips and advice from various sources who have experience in these matters which we are willing to pass on to our customers. One area we are occasionally asked about is pointing, in particular when the weather is hot and dry. The following are guidelines only, which could help to overcome any difficulties experienced when pointing.

1. Always leave a gap of at least 12mm (1/2 in) between the base of each slab when laying. Concrete paving cannot be pointed unless this gap is left.

2. The strength of the pointing mix should be judged by the circumstances but a ratio of 1 part cement to 6 parts sand is sufficient under normal circumstances.

3. Make up small portions of pointing mix which can be used up before going off. To slow down curing of larger batches keep the pointing mix damp by covering it with a damp sack.

4. Mask the edges of the slabs with card or boards to prevent staining.

5. Do not have the mix too wet otherwise it will be absorbed into the slab causing staining.

6. Use a concrete plasticiser in the pointing mix to make it more “workable”.

7. In hot weather wet the slabs before pointing to aid adhesion.

8. Use a PVA adhesive in the mix to make it stronger, aiding adhesion to the sides and underneath of the paving slab.

9. Use a 50% mix of PVA adhesive painted along the edge of the slab, leave to dry, then point normally.

10. Work small areas at a time and cover with damp sacking until the pointing mix is fully cured, two to three days. Wet this sacking down every now and again if it becomes dry.

11. Do not walk on the area until the pointing is completely cured.

12. Difficulties in laying and pointing are not an indication of faulty manufacture of the paving. Any problems that cannot be solved using these tips should be referred to a professional body with the appropriate qualifications.

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